Save Now or Down the Road?

Even before we moved into our own place in late December 2015, I had been struggling with a choice. The choice of whether or not I should be saving on furniture, appliances and cookware right now or splurging on the best quality things that are often more expensive to save down the road.

Growing up in a very financially aware single-parent household had instilled some important and very useful now-a-days lessons for me. I had always become somewhat frugal, not out of necessity as I’ve always had a good paying job and never been living from paycheck to paycheck. However, there had always been a voice in my head that beckons me to look for a better deal or to find a sale! Because, why not save money on it if you are able to?

The Mister isn’t so much on this same page or much less book that I am perpetually flipping through. He’s very much the get-the-best-so-we-don’t-need-to-replace-it-in-a-year-or-two kind of person. I admire that. I wish I could be that without some guilty nagging at me.

Telfon vs Strainless Steel
One of the many decisions, affordable teflon pans that MUST be replaced every year or so, or a much more expensive strainless steel pan that could (with proper care) last for decades?

That being said, now living in our new condo, surrounded by beautiful things that we both picked out through endless searching, the voice is quiet. Even though these beautiful things cost a very beautiful mound of pennies, they are worth it. I look at every furniture and every cookware (because obviously, my kitchen needs to be stacked), it brings this joy that I had never thought material things could bring! They make me smile because I can step back and admire the beauty of them. I guess that’s why he is so nonchalant towards this, nothing is simply frivolous, everything is functional or adds to the appeal of our home. That, is worth the extra cost.

Lesson learned.


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