My Approach to Meal Prep

As a personal trainer and healthy eating enthusiast with a hectic schedule juggling life and cooking for two (but one of whom eats for four), it’s hard to keep up with food demands. My own nutrition needs are demanding enough, because 95% of what I eat is packed and brought to work. I only rely on buying food when absolutely necessary. There are plenty of healthy food options near me. However, not only do I not know just how “healthy” it is but most importantly, healthy fast food tends to be more expensive than regular fast food. I don’t know about you… but I’m not content with spending $30-$40 a day on two meals of decently healthy food, especially if I could have made something simple, nutrition and delicious!

I see the meal preparation process as a puzzle. There are often only 3 pieces in this puzzle.

  1. Some protein
  2. Some veggies
  3. Some grains/starch

Easy eh?

Meal prepping has become somewhat systematic at this point. Cook my proteins the way I enjoy eating them, whether it’d be with some flavour baked chicken, beef burgers, boiled eggs or steamed salmon. Make the starch/grain, it could be a mixed grain with veggie broth or coconut milk or sweet potato (roasted or steamed). Prep the veggies, this is where the imagination comes in. It can be absolutely any veggies that I enjoy and would like to eat this week.

Considering that Christian tends to eat 3/4 of the food that is made in this house, I used to run all the menu items through him before carrying them out. However, after often being met with “I’m good with whatever honey” or “That sounds good” to anything and everything… I’ve learned my lesson.

Once all the food has finished cooking. It’s time to put together the puzzle!

I will often lay the containers in this order. For a non-salad veggie meal, I start with veggies in 1/2 or 2/3 of the container, followed by rice/grains/sweet potato in the other 1/2 or 1/3 and lastly the protein laying sweetly atop of the grains.

For salad boxes, I like to have all the leaves and veggies at the bottom of the container leaving a bit of space for sweet potato, with the proteins sliced or crunbled atop of the salad. I like sweet potato with salads simply because it’s easier to manage. A spectacle of salad mingling with grains is not one I’d like to watch.

Left is the salad meal, top-right is a cabbage salad meal and bottom right is a non-salad veggie meal!

I am going to chronicle a mini-series staring some of my favorite things to make to meal prep with, as they are often simple, delicious and nutritious!


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